The real reason for success

Gatorade was the first company to propose a sports drink other than water.  In the summer of 1965 researchers at the University of Florida sat down to examine why there athletes were being affected by heat and heat related illness. The researchers discovered that fluid and electrolytes in the body that were lost through sweat were not being replaced and the carbohydrates needed to produce energy were not being replenished. The researchers then took their findings and formulated a carbohydrate-electrolyte drink that was balanced to adequately replace the electrolytes and carbohydrates that were lost during sweat and exercise. Today, Gatorade is the official sports drink of more than 70 Division I college men’s and women’s intercollegiate sports (“HERITAGE.”).  Gatorade is a $4.8 billion company with annual sales averaging $3.3 billion. In 2012 Gatorade spent 600 million on advertising.  This ad was a parody from the “is it in you” ad campaign which was discontinued in 2012 and replace with the “G” ad campaign after sales started to decline (“Gatorade Marketing Campaign Analysis: Rebranding G.”). The line of “is it in you” ads were very popular showing professional athletes such as Michael Jordan, Mikael Forssell, Tiger Woods and many more. But this ad has a dark underlying message.  As in this ad that shows the syringe with Gatorade and asks is it in you.  At the bottom of the ad it says “pass the test” which gives people the direct connection to steroids (“Gatorade Advertisements.”).  This was a direct hit at Professional baseball and its players during the steroid era that was going on from 1988-2009.  This ad gives a direct connection to steroids and Gatorade.  It is interpreted that if you want to be a professional athlete you need to inject steroids, when really it takes hard work and dedication.


This ad from Gatorade is a parody from the “is it in you” ad campaign and has a dark underlying message.  In this ad you can see a syringe filled with Gatorade and writing at the bottom that says pass the test as in the steroids test in professional sports.  This ad is has a dark backdrop which helps denote that there is a dark subject or message being portrayed.  This parody came out in 2011 shortly after Mark McGwire, who broke the single season homerun record, came clean about using steroids while playing professional baseball. In this case the message and point of view of this ad is, to be successful you have to take steroids (“Gatorade Advertisements.”). The message in this ad is that it is alright to take steroids as long as you pass the test.  This goes along with the old saying, it’s not cheating until you get caught.  This ad also tells young athletes to take steroids if they want to be successful, when really if they work hard they can be successful.

Steroids became a big problem in baseball in 1988 and is still a dark cloud over the MLB today.  In 2013 many professional baseball players such as Ryan Braun and Alex Rodriguez received harsh suspensions for their steroid use. This sent a message that the MLB would not tolerate performance enhancing drugs in any way, shape, or form (“Baseball Steroid Suspensions.”).  Now the debate is weather to include steroid users in the record books.  Since they cheated many players say no, but as shown in the graph below some side with the steroid users.  Some players believe that steroids are the only way to keep up with the growing performance standard for the league.  In the end 79% of players believe in the fact that it is hard work, not steroids, which brings success in athletic careers.


Today some young athletes turn to steroids to get bigger and hope that it brings them success.  In 2002 the National Institute of Drug Abuse did a study which showed that 2.5% of 8th graders, 2.5% of 10th graders, and 4% of 12th graders admitted to using steroids at some time (“Steroid Use Among High School Athletes | Global Sports Development.”).  These young athletes felt that the only way they would be successful is to do steroids.  Thy saw their icons using steroids and think if they take steroids they will be like their idols.  This ad shows that doing steroids has bad consequences.  The dark background sends the message that steroids are a dark matter, not to be messed with.  At a young age steroids can cause harm to young athletes.  Especially in young athletes, steroids do more harm than they do good, because their bodies are already producing many hormones to help them grow and develop.  In the end, hard work and dedication brings success at any age.

In recent years there has been an increase in young stars in the MLB who are good role models for other young athletes. For example Mike Trout of the Los Angeles Angles who was drafted to the MLB directly from high school.  Trout was the 2012 rookie of the year, 2012 & 2013 All-star, and 2012 & 2013 silver slugger, which are all very prestigious honors.  In his 3 years thus far in the league, he has not received any unwanted media attention about steroid use or suspected steroid use ever (“Mike Trout Stats, Video Highlights, Photos, Bio.”).  Mike Trout proves that hard work and dedication does bring success in athletic careers.

With the new ad campaign, “that’s G,” Gatorade is sending the right message to young athletes and still giving good product placement for advertising.  The commercial bellow is one from the “that’s G” campaign and shows professional and non-professional athletes training to be the best.  This is an accurate portrayal of what it takes to go pro in any sport.  In the background the words, winning is, show up everywhere, while people are chanting hard work, which shows that to be successful and win you need to work hard.  It also shows all of these athletes drinking Gatorade at one time or another, which takes a little less aggressive point of view from the older commercials in the “is it in you” campaign which implied that to be successful you must drink Gatorade (“Gatorade – Hard Work.”).  This commercial’s point of view is, to be successful you need to work hard and while you are working hard, stay hydrated with Gatorade, which is the point of view they should have had from the start of the company.

This parody is intended to be viewed by athletes young and old.  They are young athletes that want to be successful, but are unsure if their hard work is paying off.  This parody is a slam on professional athletes that resort to steroids, and it says that if you do use steroids you won’t “pass the test” and there will be harsh punishment.  With the recent suspensions in baseball, it sends the message that athletes need to work hard to be successful.

Steroids have become a major problem in professional sports such a baseball, for one example.  Young Athletes are starting to believe that the only way they can be successful is to take steroids because they see their icons doing it.  The true reason for success in most athletes is hard work and dedication.  That is why raising stars like Mike Trout are great role models for young athletes. They remind us that steroids are not the only option and hard work really does pay off.  This ad is a parody of Gatorade ads that depicts a real problem in young athletes today. This ad has a dark message about using steroids to be successful.  Today, more young athletes are using steroids because they believe it will help them be successful.  In the end it is the hard work and dedication that you put into training which makes you successful.



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Safety In Our Schools

Schools are supposed to be a safe haven for kids to learn without worry that an intruder will try to kill them.  Still, every year there are people that try to break into schools and put all the kids in danger.  59% of victims in school shootings are ages 10-19 (  These students are the future of our country and we need to implement better preparation to ensure their safety.  Today, schools’ plans for a case of an intruder are flawed and put the teachers and students in more danger than is necessary.  69% of shooters are ages 10-19 also, which means the gunman is already on the inside (  Security measures need to quickly be implemented to stop the intruder from hurting any staff or students.  There are systems like Dead Stop and School Safe, which are quickly activated to lock the classroom and ensure the teachers’ and students’ safety.  Schools are ill prepared and do not have quick, efficient safety precautions in the case of an intruder.

Schools are ill prepared for a case where an intruder tries to enter the building.  During my high school career there were eight major school shootings in the US alone (  After each incident there was a short time, about a few weeks to a month, where all the staff displayed a heightened sense of security, but no major changes were ever made.  Every school does intruder drills to try and prepare for the worst case scenario, but these drills have no reality to them.   All the students and teachers just do what they need to do to get the drill over and back to their school work.  One of the major flaws in schools are the doors to each and every classroom.  To lock the door, a teacher must go outside, lock it and then reenter the room. In the case of an intruder, this way of locking doors is inefficient and dangerous to teachers and students. 

A good example of how the current way of locking school doors is dangerous would be Sandy Hook Elementary School.  During the Sandy Hook shooting the gunman entered through the main entrance after shooting out the glass.  He then proceeded to the nearest classroom filled with kindergarteners and killed everyone in it.  The gunman proceeded to kill six more first graders before police arrived on site. Taken by surprise, the teachers with rooms closest to the main entrance did not have time to lock their doors from the outside.  They instead tried to hide kids in closets and anywhere out of the gunman’s line of fire.  Due to the inefficiency in their intruder plan, 20 students and 6 adults were killed (“Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting”). 

After the Sandy Hook incident a group of students at Benjamin Banneker Academic High School in Washington D.C. came up with a simple device to solve this problem. This simple to make, easy to engage device effectively locks school doors from the inside.  This device called Dead Stop is made of a PVC pipe that’s hinged on one side and locks with a steel pin. It is then placed over the hydraulic door closer to prevent the door hinge from widening.  Simply, the Dead Stop jams the door so that it will effectively be locked without the teacher ever leaving the room.  The only way to unlock the door is to remove the pin and then open the PVC pipe to free the hydraulic door closer.  Currently this device is under testing to see how much force it can withstand.  Once the design is finalized, the students plan on putting the ‘Do It Yourself’ instructions online so that all teachers can easily access and build a Dead Stop for their room.  Having Dead Stop in the school rooms of Sandy Hook could have prevented many deaths that occurred that day.  Dead Stop is not the only device of its kind, there are a few other devices that jam the hydraulic door closer to lock the door, but these devices are expensive and complicated to install (“Students Invent Lock to Stop School Shooters”).

A device, like Dead Stop, which is quick and inexpensive is School Safe.  School Safe, much like Dead Stop, is easy to install and engaged quickly in a time of emergency.  School Safe allows the teacher to keep their door locked all day while still letting students enter and exit without any trouble.  This device works by propping the door open just far enough so that it does not latch and lock shut.  In the case of an intruder, the teacher only has to flip the prop up to allow the door to lock shut instead of going into the hall, in the line of danger, to lock the door.  School Safe drastically decreases the time it takes to lock the door and get your students into the safest area of the room (“School Safety Video”). 

In the past year Dover High School, where I went to school, put in place a ‘Do It Yourself,’ School Safe like, device to increase their security measures.  Every room had a strong magnet placed in the metal door jamb that propped the door open like School Safe.  Luckily we never had to use it, but in our intruder drill the teacher would remove the magnet, letting the door shut and lock completely. This would work just like School Safe and cost next to nothing to install in every classroom in the school.

The Advancement project issued “A Real Fix: The Gun-Free Way To School Safety,” in March 2013 to inform school administrators of an effective way to make schools safer.  In this article it says “This School Safety Plan does not include stationing law enforcement officers or armed guards of any sort in our schools” (Advancement Project 6).   On March 5, 2013 a school resource officer’s gun accidentally discharged (10). This accident shows that having guns in schools puts students in jeopardy.  Officers in schools, adds a different level of danger and creates an oppressive atmosphere, not suitable for learning.  This article takes simple steps that involve students, parents, and staff to decide on the best possible school crisis plan.  This plan should include a communications strategy, drills and trainings, a plan to evacuate, or lockdown in the case of a crisis (4).  With a set plan in case of emergencies, students and teachers can be more efficient and quickly get to safety.   

Schools are ill prepared and do not have quick, efficient safety precautions in the case of an intruder.  When more and more schools implement security devices such as Dead Stop and School Safe, the number of deaths resulting from school intruders will drastically decrease.  These easy to install, inexpensive devices increase the security in the one place students are supposed to feel safe. 

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Air Delivery

The worst part about ordering anything online is waiting for it to ship and arrive a week or more later.  In today’s up paced, society, we want things now. Waiting for something doesn’t fit into that plan. This is way amazon is experimenting with a new method of delivery. This new method called Amazon Prime Air involves a flying robot that will deliver a package on your doorsteps in around 30 min. This robot can make mid-flight changes and knows where to drop a package without the need of an operator.

They possibility of this being a viable way of shipping is very high. There are many legal issues though, that will determine the success or failure of Amazon Prime Air.  Currently FAA bans the use of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) in the U.S. for commercial purposes. In November, the FAA published its standards for setting rules for UAS vehicles, with a Congress-imposed deadline of September 2015.

The system is currently being tested for navigation and safety issues while in flight. The Amazon Prime Air robot will need to process and respond to the environment and system faults in ways that ensure the safety of everyone around it, but still allow it to make its deliveries in 30 minutes.

This very innovative way of delivery is projected to be operational in 2015.  For the time being they are restricted to test deliveries to test how the system works in different situations.

Jolley Ole Kris Kringle

Every Child in the world that celebrates Christmas, at one point, has wondered how Santa Clause makes it around the world to every house in just one night.  Some say it is due to Christmas magic, but if you really want to know what Santa clause is up to then you can simply track his moves online. The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) created a track Santa program where you can go online and find Santa in the world.

Created by Microsoft, this 3D global display allows people to pinch and zoom on tablets and computers to track Santa. This program allows people to follow Santa’s “exact” movements and see where he made stops on Christmas Eve. 

Santa is a staple of childhood and innocence and it is cool the technology available today compare to when I was a kid.  It’s probably for the best that I didn’t have this when I was a kid because I would be the kid to watch the tracker till it said Santa stopped at my house, then proceed to run as fast as I can downstairs to see all the presents.  This tracker keeps the hope of Santa alive for many kids all over the world.

Eyes On The Keys

Tobii is a Swedish tech company whose software lets users control tablets and laptops with their eyes.  These devices are truly amazing, I have seen and used one first hand.  There is a sensor that they call their EyeX controller, which tracks eye movements around a key board that is on the screen.  This allows people to control a computer with their eyes alone.

This device is perfect for patients that are paralyzed or diagnosed with a paralyzing cancer. My uncle, who had ALS, had one of these and he could control the whole house from his wheelchair.  The Tobii was his only way to communicate with version of type and talk.

The drawback of the tobii system is that it is very sensitive.  Once you calibrate the system, it looks for eye movement related to that exact point.  Many times if you bump the system it will shut down or become uncelebrated.  Also, if the person isn’t sitting in the exact same spot as when they calibrated it, they will have a terrible time trying to work the computer or find the spot where the sensor picks up eye movement the best.

There are some problems with the current system, but it is a very useful resource for people that are physically unable to work a computer and unable to communicate.  With a few advances this devise will be able to give these people a voice again.  This should be the ultimate goal of the Tobii company.

Cable Is The Way Of The Past

Television was one of the most futuristic inventions of its time, but now it seems that cable is becoming outdated for newer way to watch.  More and more sites like Netflix are popping up to bring people an easier way to watch their favorite televisions series.  Netflix makes it easier to watch the shows you want to without having to worry about commercials and weeklong cliff hangers till the next new episode comes on.

Netflix puts a whole season of a series at once so you can watch the next episode right away.  This is an advantage and disadvantage for the viewer.  The advantage is that you don’t have to wait a week to find out what happens, you can just click the next episode button.  The disadvantage is that you have to wait much longer after the season aired on cable to watch it on Netflix. Another disadvantage is that Netflix may cause excessive procrastination in school because if you get into a good series you will not want to stop watching.

Comcast is trying to compete with Netflix with their OnDemand channel.  On this you can new episodes, most of the time without commercials, only days after they air.  The only problem with the OnDemand is that the viewer still has to wait a week to watch the new episode.

How do you watch TV, cable or another viewing site?  Which do you think is better?


Smart Shopping

Back in the day the Toy’s R Us big toy book was the best toy catalog ever. As we got over we looked through catalogs from Best Buy, Target, and other big retailers.  And now it is even easier.  Wanelo, an online site and app, takes the craziest things you could think of on the internet and puts them in one catalog.  Wanelo is an acronym for Want, Need, Love and they connect you to many different internet buying sits to make your shopping easy.  You can save items that interest you to lists.  Wanelo then refigures the products that are first in the catalog to ones that would most likely please you.

Another plus with shopping on wanelo is that there are no advertisements, only the products you want to see.  There is over 200,000 brands on wanelo, from the low end to the very high end.  You can buy a pair of socks and a hoover craft golf cart.  Wanelo has everything you have ever seen or heard of and thousands of things you haven’t.  It is truly the one stop shop for your holiday shopping. 

Wanelo is definitely a better option than waiting in traffic and huge crowds in the mall to buy gifts for your loved ones.  And who wants to put themselves in the line of danger on black Friday when they can get all the deals at wanelo.